Consider Changing to Two way traffic on east Mall Roads

Consider Changing to Two way traffic on east Mall Roads

Postby Nick Della Volpe » Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:10 pm

It may be worthwhile to study the possibility of converting the one way only frontage roads by east town mall (knoxville center to you modernists), as well as the western side big box stores, to two way traffic. The goal would be enhance access to both the Mall side and to the Home Depot / Lowes side. There is also an issue of visibility.

It has been suggested to me that prospective tenants to those sites find the road access and crossover system sufficiently confusing to cause them to hesitate and resist making major investment commitments to those sites-- especially if they are trying to attract and serve passing interstate traffic -- usually catnip to restaurants and national retailers -- to turn off at the visually hidden business sites, sites that can be a bit frustrating to cipher to strangers.

I spoke briefly to Mark Donaldson briefly and he agrees that the old crossover approach is now passé (in planning circles) as well as the driving there can be a bit confusing. When you couple that with the physical fact that these business sites are "hidden" somewhat by the much lower grade of the interstate and the now overgrowth of trees ( we all love trees, but perhaps not when they block visual access to what historically been the 7th largest taxpayer in this county (the mall). Unfortunately: out of sight means out of mind. And once you pass the interstate exit, it would be hell for a stranger to wind back, as the road splits into I 40 a short distance to the south.

As you know, neighborhoods like ABSHNA, are deeply concerned about Knoxville Center Mall's decline, and the two way road fix might be a relatively modest way to help pump new life into the area. It might be good business, as well as good service, to our city.

I have asked the administration, and now I ask you, to consider authorizing a feasibility study, a public meeting, and engaging in a dialogue with some of the two shopping center developers and the major tenants. Our goal should be: how can our city help you succeed?

This both community health and tax revenue significant.
Nick Della Volpe, 4th District
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