Broadband services in Knoxville

Broadband services in Knoxville

Postby Nick Pavlis » Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:11 am

Being in the industry for years I can assure you they do not offer anymore than what Comcast can service their customers with. They have a minimum of subscribers for their "gig" which is over 350.00 per month, who needs that at home in addition to their other services such as video.  
I can provide you horror stories around the country of such ventures that failed, and failed miserably. Goes as close as Memphis and learn of their entry into broadband services which failed and left the rate payers on the hook for  30 million dollars.
I would also direct you to the horrible mess the Ciity of Clarksville has expereinced upon entering the business. Few if any in the state are on track with their payback model, and in fact, are not reducing debt service but merely making interest payments.

I have stacks of information on why these ventures are not good investments and am glad to discuss it further with anyone that wants more information. Of course Council members we would discuss in a workshop or other public venue.

Government has no business competing with private enterprise and Knoxville is certainly not underserved. Keep in mind, Knoxville is served by Comcast, Knology, AT&T, Dish and Direct TV. Let private enterprise work and not interfere with the investment and jobs already provided by these companies. KUB is a fine utility provider lets not detract them from what they do best and not spend an estimated 500 million to duplicate what is already in place.

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