Safety City Siting Concern

Safety City Siting Concern

Postby Nick Della Volpe » Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:01 pm

Please note the Safety Center meeting—Tuesday night, 6 pm.

As you can see from the incorporated note below, the compassionate citizens of Old North Knoxville support the concept of a safety center but DO NOT want an additional burden placed on their already overly-taxed community, a community which labors mightily to right itself from previous mission initiatives.

I invite you and others in the broader community to consider finding a more suitable location….like a building in a fenced-in area in old Lakeshore. Regardless of who runs it, Lakeshore has a century long history of being fit to stabilize those who are mentally or chemically impaired. Some portion of that public-owned facility can be other than a walk in the park….

From: On Behalf Of Chester Kilgore
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013 2:34 PM

Thank you Amy for arranging the meeting. ...

NOTE: the word "they" as used below refers to "the powers that be" collectively.

I do not have a problem with the concept, in fact, I think it is a good one for all of the reasons stated by proponents of the "Safety Center". (I do hate terming things with names which have little or nothing to do with what the place actually is or does, and "Safety Center" is a prime example. About as ambiguous as you can get, and reeks of propagandizing and sanitizing the function of the place.)

I do have a problem with the proposed location (well, I think "they" went ahead and decided before we were invited to the table where they would place the facility, so I don't guess the location is "proposed" any longer). Simply put, we have enough facilities to help the unfortunate already in the close in portion of the 37917 zip code, and we do not need even one more. We have become Mecca to the providers of services to and for the unfortunate, and, while it may make it easier to provide and to concentrate services, it is a huge stress and threat to the fragile still revitalizing historic districts continuing their forward progress. Close in North is where they chose to concentrate the providers. Every month, there is at least one new provider show up to pass out this and that, and pretty soon the people come from all over to get the help. It is not just helping the unfortunate in our own area, we are being asked to take on the bulk of the downtrodden from all over the county, and some from out of state. We are as compassionate as anybody, but, folks, we have done our share, and we are over saturated with service providers for the unfortunate at this very moment, and even one more could spell a tipping point backwards to the redevelopment and revitalization of the close in to town area of North Knoxville and 37917. We can not afford to lose the huge investment in our historic areas already put in place by individual property owners and the city and county governments. .

Please do not locate the "Safety Center" in the already over concentrated with service providers areas of close in North Knoxville. I agree with someone who posted that it might be a very good thing all around to build a "Safety Center" out near the Sheriff's offices and County Jail. They would be able to share staffing and possibly benefit some of those already incarcerated in the jail with counseling, thus offering more benefit than by having the "Safety Center" stand alone, and serve only those who were brought there. The whole jail population could benefit, thus the citizens of Knoxville could benefit when the incarcerated are released and seek and find employment and begin to rebuild their lives and repay our city and citizens with work and taxes. .

Please do not locate the "Safety Center" in the close in to town areas of North Knoxville!

Thank you for listening.

Chester Kilgore.

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