Tennova O-1 Rezoning Request --Huh?

Tennova O-1 Rezoning Request --Huh?

Postby Nick Della Volpe » Thu Aug 29, 2013 2:37 pm

Knoxville's Zoning Ordinance currently allows a hospital to be built in the A-1 Agricultural zone, already in place for the proposed Dowell Springs west Knoxville parcel, under a Use on Review process. So why all the current agony over changing to an O-1 zone?
--Are they interested in raising the marketable value of the tract if they don't get a Certificate of Need?
--Urging the zone approval process as an- indirect "affirmation" of the community support for the hospital's move?
--Or just being fastidious about zoning?

A most curious situation.

See Ordinance Section 2.4.1. C.1. below
A. General description. This district is intended to provide space for agricultural uses which together comprise an important part of the economy of Knox County and the City of Knoxville. The intent here is to permit lands best suited for agriculture to be used for agriculture purposes, and also to prevent the encroachment of urban and other incompatible land uses on farm lands and thereby protect the physical and economic well-being of agricultural operations.

Further, this district is intended to provide suitable locations on the fringes of the urban area for urbanization which will occur in the foreseeable future. It is not intended that this district provide a location for a lower standard of residential, commercial or industrial development than is authorized in other districts. Rather, this district should promote an organized, efficient pattern of urban development by providing conditions conducive to continued use of land for agricultural purposes in appropriate locations, thereby reducing economic pressures which would otherwise lead to a scattered, inefficient, inconvenient pattern of urban activities. The types of uses, area and intensity of use of land authorized in this district are designed to encourage and protect any agriculture uses until urbanization is warranted and the appropriate changes in districts can be made.

C. Uses permitted on review. The following uses may be permitted on review by the planning commission in accordance with provisions in article VII, section 5:

1. A cemetery, airport, camp, hospital, sanitarium, correctional institution or institution for the insane
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