Mayor salary

Mayor salary

Postby Nick Pavlis » Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:03 pm

Mayoral Pay Increase

This is the proper time to do it because due to the charter this is when it can be voted on and take effect. Charter section 302 says "The salary of the mayor shall be fixed by council at not less than forty-two thousand five hundred [dollars] ($42,500.00) per year, and any change shall become effective on the first day of the year following the next councilmanic election. So that means, if it isn't done now, the next possible time it can be done is 2 more years away, December 2017 and we would fall further behind.

March is the time you can pick up qualifying papers and if anyone is on the fence I think it’s fair to let everyone know what to expect from a compensation stand point if approved.

It has been since 06 since the last increase in salary. We should not wait that long to visit the salary and avoid “catch up”.

This amount would bring the seat into parity with like cities. Chattanooga is 150k, Memphis is low 160’s. Nashville is 90k. Let me further explain my rational of $12,500. This is a modest increase, but one could argue for a greater amount particularly knowing the duties of this office. If you do the math, this would equate to an annual increase of1,350.00 since 2006. This would be roughly a 1% annual increase. Also since it has been so long since a increase I feel that it needs to be a increase of this size to have an impact ,and again, not always be playing catch up. Just as a reference point, the mayor's salary in 2001 was raised to $130,000, which reflected a $20,000.00 increase over a 4 year period.

Though the current mayor is unique, in that, she will be eligible for a pension, if someone from the private sector would consider running and becoming mayor they would probably be giving up a salary, a retirement program of some type, potentially annual stock options, etc. etc. . If you compare the seat of the Mayor with private sector with comparable employee headcount, operating budget etc. the current salary could very likely be an annual bonus. My concern here is it would then be very hard for someone to run for the office of mayor under these circumstances unless it was someone of considerable wealth and then it becomes an exclusive club.
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