Sign Ordinance

Sign Ordinance

Postby Duane Grieve » Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:26 pm

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The 15 individual sections are posted! Please review and comment if you wish.
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Re: Sign Ordinance

Postby George Wallace » Fri Apr 03, 2015 12:09 pm

The special called City Council meeting on April 9, 2015 at 5:30 PM has all the makings to be the most significant meeting during my short tenure on Council. The meeting will have only 1 topic -- the newly proposed sign ordinance. A simple task on the surface but the single most complicated ordinance there is on the books. The sign ordinance is intertwined with zoning regulations and certain rights granted by state law. Fueled by passions of many people in the community that want to see change we are cooking up for an intense meeting that its outcome will have a long lasting effect on Knoxville. We have taken our time to get to this point. We've held 30+ public meetings with numerous opportunities to receive public input, legal input, constructive criticism and positive feedback. The work and the time that many people have invested is much appreciated and greatly valued. But there is more to do. Its time to vote on the sign ordinance section by section and hammer the best sign ordinance possible. We haven't come this far to just accept "good enough". The sign ordinance is about vision. The vision we as council members want for our great city. We must think long range and have the courage to hammer out the best ordinance for the future of Knoxville.

One section of high interest and high importance is sign height and sign area. MPC proposed to City Council in 2011 that sign height and sign area be determined by road classification. MPC listed 4 road classifications as : 1. Within 500' of interstate exchange. 2. Within 100' interstate ROW. 3. Collector and Arterial Roads. 4. Local Roads. Road classifications are described in "Major Road Plan for The City of Knoxville and Knox County" dated May 2011. That document can be found here: Simply stated, streets with heavy and fast moving traffic require larger signs vs. streets with minimum speed limits and light traffic. Our land use has zoning for all types of commercial property adjoining and adjacent to residential developments. Drive the streets and take notice of the zoning maps and you will see a mix of everything. For instance Deane Hill Drive has I-2 and C-3 adjacent to R-1. There are countless number of examples just like this scattered all over the city. Same street serving both commercial and residential traffic. Determining sign height based solely on a property's zoning does not protect our neighborhoods enough. There are better options to consider to determine sign height and sign area. Lets have the courage to seek the best solution and not accept "good enough".

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George C. Wallace
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