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Signs--Other Commercial Oriented Roads Being Evaluated

PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:06 pm
by Nick Della Volpe
Council, in adopting the sign ordinance on Tuesday evening, left open the possibilty of further study of additional roads that might warrant larger signs--e.g, roads with substantial commercial activity that warrant consideration beyond the lowest 10 ft level--for example a fifth category having a 15 ft limit. This issue is being studied by Mr Grieve and possibly others on the sign task, with the help of legal, to fashion a list to be presented at a future date.
In the interest of disclosure, I am posting my draft submission for further evaluation. (Note: this city system ate my formatting done on Pages)

by Nick D

Note: some of these roads bear different designations for part of their length, and further sub designations are needed (some sub lengths are listed in the Master Road Plan)
Some roads are also Federal Highways and are already covered in 20 ft category.

NAME TYPE ROAD. US Hwy Designation
Asheville Hwy. Major Arterial X
Callahan Drive. Minor Arterial
Cedar Bluff Rd. Major Arterial
Cherry Street "
Clinton Hwy " X
Cumberland Ave " ?
Emory Rd "
Gov John Sevier Hwy "
Henley Street " X
Kingston Pike " X
James White Pkwy Expressway ?
Lovell Rd Minor Collector
Magnolia Ave Major Collector X
Mall Rd North "
Mall Rd South "
Martin Mill Pike Min Arterial
Maryville Pike "
Maynardville Hwy Major Arterial
Merchant Drive Min Arterial
Millertown Pike "
North Shore Drive Major Arterial
Oak Ridge Hwy " ?
Old Broadway Min Arterial
Parkside Dr/ Peters Rd Min Arterial
Peters Rd "
Pellissippi Pkwy Expressway X
Rutledge Pike " X
Strawberry Plains Pike Major Arterial
Sutherland Ave. Min Arterial
Washington Pik "
Watt Rd Major Arterial
Western Ave "

Re: Signs--Other Commercial Oriented Roads Being Evaluated

PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2015 10:31 am
by Nick Della Volpe
Second attempt to attach file in PDF