3rd District Major Arterials

3rd District Major Arterials

Postby Brenda Palmer » Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:08 am

Below is listed the major arterials in the third district. Currently, these are restricted to 10' signs. Only one federal highway goes through a small portion of the3rd district, all the other arterials and connectors are limited to 10'. This restriction places a burden on economic developement for this portion of the city in which 25,000+ people live, shop, work, invest, and play.

Major Arterial Roadways – 3rd City Council District
Amherst Road McKamey to Middlebrook Pike
Clinton Highway Federal Highway less than 2 miles on one side of the road in 3rd district
Ed Shouse Drive Western to Middlebrook Pike
Middlebrook Pike East of Weisgarber is not a designated scenic highway
Western Avenue Hinton Road to Schaad Road

Minor Arterial Roadway – 3rd City Council District
Callahan Drive to Central Avenue Pike – part in 3rd district and part in 5th district
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