STR Amendment

STR Amendment

Postby Nick Pavlis » Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:01 am

Good morning all,

When short term rentals come up at tomorrow’s meeting, I intend to propose an amendment. The amendment would create a Type 3 permit which would apply to STRs in residential areas. Type 3 permits would be for non-owner occupied STRs in residential areas and a Type 3 permit would only last for one year and cannot be renewed. The intent is to assist people who are operating STRs in residential areas that will otherwise immediately be banned under the presently proposed ordinance.

c. Type 3 Operating Permit, Limited Non-Owner Occupied in Residential Districts.

i. Generally. A Type 3 Operating Permit is available in Residential Districts to operators who have operated a Short Term Rental Unit prior to March 1, 2017 (“Qualifying Date”) upon meeting the criteria in this article. A person or entity can obtain a Type 3 Operating Permit for each Short Term Rental Unit operating prior to the Qualifying Date and meeting the other criteria in this article. Proof of operation shall be required upon application and must demonstrate that the Short Term Rental Unit was both listed on a Hosting Platform and was occupied by a Transient for Consideration at least once prior to the Qualifying Date. A Type 3 Operating Permit is specific to the Short Term Rental Unit for which it issued; it cannot be transferred to another location.

Window of Availability. A Type 3 Operating Permit must be obtained within thirty (30) days of the effective date of this ordinance, after which time no Type 3 Operating Permits shall be issued under any circumstances whatsoever.

Expiration. All Type 3 Operating Permits shall expire one (1) year from the effective date of this ordinance and shall not be renewed.

Owner or Lessee Eligible. A Type 3 Operating Permit can be issued to either an Owner or lessee of the property, who does not need to occupy the Short Term Rental Unit as a principal residence; provided that a lessee must obtain the signature of the Owner on the application for the Operating Permit. A Type 3 Operating Permit is available to a person or an entity.

Accessory Structures and Duplexes. If there is an accessory dwelling structure on the property, the Type 3 Operating Permit can be for either the primary dwelling structure or the accessory dwelling structure, but not for both. If a property houses a legal duplex and an Owner owns both sides of the duplex, only one (1) Type 3 Operating can be issued for only one side of the duplex, but not both sides of the duplex.

The administration has agreed to this amendment.

See you tomorrow.

Nick P.
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